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13/03/14 13:41 BST (GMT+1) - Future of SIR? [Show]

During the evening of Monday 24th, I put my CV online in the hopes of getting a web development job. On Tuesday I secured an interview for Thursday 27th which I aced and got the job. I've been working and doing my job for two weeks and it's fantastic and very enjoyable. Unfortunatly the fact that I spend most of my day at work programming causes some fatigue when I'm at home, the desire to continue updating Should I Reset? is fading.

I started work on getting the application updated this weekend however I have not had success doing it. Everything looks like it should be working fine but the values shown in my app and Cookie Clicker just don't add up. I don't have the time to invest into figuring this out.

As it stands at the moment, it's unlikely that I'll have it updated within the next week. I think at some point I'll work on cleaning up the code, documenting it, and releasing it with instructions on how to make it work with newer versions of the Cookie Clicker.

Thanks to everyone that has been enjoying the tool, unfortunatly I neither have the time nor the desire to keep this project updated. Perhaps when I have some free time I might get around to making a Dart version, I have wanted to do that for a while...

Sorry everyone! :(


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